Welcome to Heartbit.
It's the token for trading life.

Life extension technology is quickly becoming a reality. The Heartbit token addresses some of the unavoidable issues that this will bring. A transparant blockchain system that protects the planet and makes trading extra life years available to everyone.

Are you willing to pay the price?

Heartbit makes sure everyone gets a fair share.

Heartbit regulates the planet's capacity for longer life by balancing resources and global life expectancy. Through blockchain technology, Heartbit offers a reliable ecosystem for anyone to sell and buy extra time on this earth. Heartbit is there to make sure everyone gets a fair share.

Meet the minds behind the tech.

Coming soon. Our team of scientists and blockchain specialists is currently setting up the Heartbit ecosystem. The ethical nature of the project forces us to operate in anonymity until the planned launch in Q3 2018.

Start trading life's most valuable asset: life itself.

  • The answer to a future with sustainable life extension
  • Longer life becomes available to everyone
  • Blockchain-based: distributed & reliable

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